Welcome to Phytonika, a family-run laboratory on a human scale located in the heart of the forests of Lorraine, which develops dietary supplements based on plants. Phytonika is the laboratory of the Naturopathy Center of Lorraine (France 🇫🇷). It was created by the biologist Adrien Baccichetti, continuing the work of Doctor Yves Baccichetti, creator of the Osteopathic Center of Metz and Verdun and of Silice de Prêle, as well as by Kateryna Baccichetti, a biochemist. Our team of collaborators includes research engineers, health professionals, and field naturalists at your service for any questions.

Our goal is to concentrate in our products, all energized, the benefits that Nature can offer us, in a healthy way, without using toxic additives/preservatives (such as carcinogens or endocrine disruptors) that disturb the natural harmony. We specialize in hydro-glycerinated plant extracts. These extracts from our hydro-glycerinated range are the only ones on the market to be 100% natural and without additives (such as preservatives, acidifiers, stabilizers, etc.). We oppose the current trend, even found in plant extracts, of incorporating harmful substances that unnecessarily overload the body.

We also attach great importance to the origin of the raw materials, strictly European and coming from the mountains with a healthy climate (except for Siberian Ginseng, which does not come from Europe but, naturally, from Siberia 🙂 ).

At Phytonika, laboratory research is combined with an observation of Nature in the field and its mechanisms. We seek to reconcile both the accuracy and rigor of scientific data with the wisdom of popular tradition and the laws of Nature. That is why you will find on our site numerous scientific files with always argued and referenced information by scientific research, which only explain what the ancients sometimes intuitively understood.

Experimental garden and research

The Phytonika laboratory has its own experimental garden and research center located in the Vosges forest. Ecology is our priority. Within our facilities, the production of electricity and hot water is ensured by solar panels. Water is drawn from a source coming directly from the mountain. The garden allows us to study the plants used in our products and their combinations in the purest respect for ancestral tradition allied with modern technology. Indeed, in accordance with our philosophy, the research engineers also ensure the maintenance of the cultures in the experimental garden, so as not to disconnect laboratory research from field practice.

Naturopathy center and training for professionals.

The Center provides consultations carried out by our naturopaths in the Vosges by appointment.

It is equipped with a muscle fitness center according to natural principles. The Center has a very complete equipment of muscle strengthening devices as well as a relaxation area with sauna, swimming pool, and natural mattresses for relaxation sessions. It is primarily aimed at athletes but also at anyone concerned about their muscle health. Contact us for more information and to make an appointment.

Secondary office in Gérardmer with a view of the lake, open on Friday afternoons, by appointment only.

The Center is open, naturopathy consultations are available by appointment only. The swimming pool will open as soon as the heavy authorizations for isolated sites from the drinking water network are obtained.

We also offer naturopathy consultations by phone or videoconference.

We regularly organize training seminars for health professionals.

Physical activity and healthy eating being the two pillars of good health, the Center, in a holistic logic, also offers sports outings (Bicycle, kayak, cross-country skiing, hiking) and seminars introducing permaculture and organic agriculture.

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Nous recrutons des préparateurs physiques diplomés STAPS pour la partie sportive du centre, candidatures et CV à envoyer par le formulaire de contact du site.