Varilis, Blood Circulation and Brain Memory


Varilis: concentrated extract of cypress and ginkgo biloba.

Theme: blood circulation and brain memory.

Highly concentrated dietary supplement, without the addition of chemical active ingredients.

Contains 75 g/l of cypress and 50 g/l of ginkgo biloba leaves, long shelf life.
Extraction by cold pressing, our specialty, to best extract the elements of the plant without denaturing them.

240 ml bottle for a 2-week course. Usage advice: take a measuring cap in the morning.

Recommended course duration: 4 to 6 bottles.

For 5 bottles purchased of the same product, the 6th is offered (i.e., 17% discount, even if it does not appear in the cart, the 6th bottle is always put in the package). Free shipping from 69€.

Major players in natural health including Michel Dogna recommend our VARILIS.


Dietary supplements promote normal functioning of the body, and the information given on this site is not intended to replace medical advice.

This cypress and ginkgo complex promotes comfort in blood circulation and brain memory.

The evergreen cypress is a tree traditionally used since ancient Greek times. It originally comes from the Mediterranean basin but adapts very well to more rigorous climates, which is why it grows in one of our gardens in Lorraine.

The ginkgo biloba is a species that has been present on Earth since prehistoric times. Originally from Asia and thus widely used in traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia, it also grows very well in our climates.

Quality Requirements.

The Phytonika laboratory has chosen to offer an extract from plants with strictly controlled origin. The cypress naturally grows on land belonging to our laboratory in Lorraine, without pesticides or fertilizers. The product is developed with our famous cold pressing extraction process (well known for the Horsetail Silica), allowing the best extraction of the active principles of the plant without denaturing the product.

Furthermore, true to its holistic philosophy of favoring natural harmony, Phytonika does not add any toxic additives (e.g., those recognized as potentially carcinogenic or endocrine disruptors).


Plant Concentration.

Another peculiarity of Phytonika is to always offer products with very high plant concentration.

However, the price remains very reasonable, this being possible by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, with the laboratory ensuring direct sales to the consumer.

Product Presentation and Usage Advice.

240 ml bottle.

Usage: 20 ml per day.

Recommended duration of a course: 4 to 6 bottles.

Composition: HG extract of Cypress and Ginkgo biloba, water, sorbate, vitamin C (ascorbic acid).

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