Silice d’Ortie, the only plant-based silicon without additives. Joint Sphere.


The only highly concentrated plant-based silicon in Europe, without additives, without preservatives.
Ingredients: 100% hydroglycerinated extract of nettles.
Contains 2 kg/l of nettle leaves.
Plant-based organic silicon.

500 ml bottle for a one-month cure.
Average cures range from 2 to 6 bottles but can be taken continuously throughout the year.

Usage advice: take half a dosing cap twice a day between meals, diluted in a large glass of water.

For 5 bottles purchased of the same product, the 6th is offered (i.e., 17% reduction, even if it does not appear in the cart, the 6th bottle is always put in the package).

Major players in natural health recommend our Nettle Silica (The famous health author-journalist Michel Dogna, the magazine Rebelle Santé, Sophie Lacoste’s journal in her 2014 product selection).

Dietary supplements promote the normal functioning of the body, and the information given on this site is not intended to replace medical advice.

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Information about “Silice d’Ortie”. This dietary supplement can be taken without contraindications at the same time as medical treatments for osteoarthritis and osteoporosis. Silicon is an essential mineral for the proper functioning of the body.


It is necessary for the formation and maintenance of these tissue compounds found throughout the body:

  • Collagen, which gives strength to all the organs and tissues of the body.
  • Elastin, which provides flexibility and elasticity in large quantities in the skin, tendons, ligaments, and blood vessel walls.
  • Proteoglycans (glucosamine, chondroitin sulfate, and hyaluronic acid), are water traps that ensure the hydration of organs, tissues (especially the skin), cartilages, and joints.


Silicon, due to its conductive role, acts on the polarity of cell membranes and makes the body’s reactions more efficient.


It is a chelator of heavy metals and an antioxidant that helps the body to defend itself and eliminate toxic compounds.


It promotes the firmness of tissues, flexibility, and mineralization in synergy with other components of the nettle. These effects, combined with antioxidant properties, slow down the effects of aging and help to maintain the youthfulness of tissues.

“Silice d’Ortie”, a new kind of quality product.

Nettle is a plant rich in minerals (silicon, calcium, iron,..), vitamins, amino acids, and other elements aiding in the proper functioning of the body.

Our goal with “Silice d’Ortie” is to create a product that effectively concentrates the elements contained in the nettle, particularly silicon, in a 100% natural way without using preservatives. For this, we use a significant amount of plants to manufacture our product and have conducted extensive research on our extraction method, which is the main step in the product’s manufacturing.

The Extraction.

Indeed, it is during extraction that the plant’s constituents are extracted in solution. When extraction is poorly conducted (too short duration, wrong solvent), the liquid contains only a few nutrients. The extraction solvent is a major parameter as it conditions the type of elements that will be extracted. Our research on extraction has allowed us to find the most suitable solvent for extracting the elements contained in the nettle: mainly glycerol, mixed with a lesser quantity of water. This extraction is more effective than simple aqueous extraction (maceration, infusion, decoction in water), because most of the nettle’s elements have a greater affinity for glycerol, especially tannins, flavonoids, phenolic compounds, useful acids, and glucosides.

Water facilitates the extraction of minerals and hydrophilic vitamins by allying with the polarity of glycerol.

Hydro-alcoholic extraction has a similar quality, but alcohol has the drawback of denaturing certain compounds and is not tolerated by everyone (children, liver problems, personal convictions, …). Learn more about glycerol extraction.

We sought to develop our nettle extract by meeting essential criteria for optimal efficiency: being highly concentrated, using excellent quality ingredients, and being bioavailable, i.e., assimilable by the body. This criterion is major for organic silica.

The concentration in fresh plants.

The product must be concentrated to be effective in small doses. Many plant-based products on the market are very poorly concentrated (less than 10 g of plants are used to make a liter, equivalent to one or two teas…). Pay attention to this parameter, because if a product is poorly concentrated, it is more profitable to make a soup or tea yourself. We use 2 kg of fresh plants to make a liter of “Silice d’Ortie”. This, combined with the efficiency of glycerol extraction, guarantees you a product much more concentrated than what is currently found on the market.

The quality of the raw materials.

The quality of the nettles is essential. The plant has a great ability to assimilate elements present in soils, hence its great richness in minerals. This means that it also has the ability to absorb and bioaccumulate soil pollutants. Nettle, a nitrophilous plant, often grows near human activities (road edges, ditches, industrial wastelands). We recommend not consuming these nettles that contain soil pollutants. It is preferable to pick nettles in wild places, such as in the mountains. That’s why our nettles come from the mountains where soils have been preserved from human activities. Our raw materials are exclusively of European origin.


The bioavailability of an element translates its ability to be assimilated by the body. Indeed, if nettles are consumed fresh or in soup, a significant portion of the plant cannot be absorbed in the intestine. Hydro-glycerin extraction solves this problem by increasing bioavailability, particularly that of silicon. Moreover, the hydroglycerin mixture allows for more complete extraction than simple aqueous extraction as we have previously explained. The organic silicon naturally present in plants is the most bioavailable compared to mineral silicon or synthetic silicon.

Without additives.

Most products on the market contain chemical preservatives (and stabilizers) such as potassium benzoate or parabens, which can be toxic. Other products use essential oils which are less harmful but are not recommended for prolonged use. The total absence of preservatives is therefore the safest way to ensure the non-toxicity of the product. This is possible because glycerol naturally prevents the development of bacteria in a passive manner like salt or sugar by depriving them of water, without the aggressive action of alcohol which denatures products. In addition, glycerol naturally gives a creamy taste with a sweet flavor, without adding sugar or flavors. Indeed, “Silice d’Ortie” has a pleasant sweet taste that reminds of honey but yet it does not contain sugar: this is a natural property of vegetable glycerol.

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