SIBERIA GINSENG – Strengthened Organism. A General Tonic. Fatigue, stress, overwork, effort, memory.


Natural Siberian Ginseng

Highly concentrated dietary supplement, without the addition of chemical active ingredients.

For: athletes, elderly and fragile people, students, convalescents.

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Contains 500 g/l of Siberian Ginseng roots (Eleutherococcus senticosus). Long shelf life. Extraction by cold pressing, our specialty, to best extract the elements of the plant without denaturing them.

240 ml bottle for a 2-week course. Usage advice: take one measuring cap morning and midday. It is recommended to take only half a cap for the first two days to allow the body to get used to the plant.

Recommended course duration: 2 to 6 bottles.

For 5 bottles purchased of the same product, the 6th is offered (i.e., 17% discount, even if it does not appear in the cart, the 6th bottle is always put in the package). Free shipping from 69€.

Major players in natural health including Michel Dogna recommend our SIBERIA GINSENG.

Dietary supplements promote normal functioning of the body, and the information given on this site is not intended to replace medical advice.

NEW FORMULA: The concentration of the product has been doubled and the bottle size has been halved for exactly the same amount of root extract in a bottle. The recommended dose has been reduced from 40 ml per day to 20 ml, so the bottle lasts just as long for the same quantity of plants. If you want to find the same taste, just add a 20 ml measuring cap of water to your daily dose.

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SIBERIA GINSENG: A General Tonic. Fatigue, overwork, stress, physical and intellectual effort, memory.

Siberian Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senticosus) is the quintessential adaptogenic plant. That is, it allows the body to adapt to fatigue, stress, and various external disturbances.

Its properties were discovered by the Russians in the 19th century and were widely used in the Soviet Union for cosmonauts, elite military troops, and top athletes to increase their performance and resistance to fatigue.

In Chinese medicine, this plant was also traditionally used to support the health of elderly people.


It is the roots that are of interest because they contain the plant’s active principle: eleutheroside molecules.

They confer the plant’s adaptive capabilities. The plant, which can adapt to extreme conditions, will transfer its properties to the consumer.

When the body is subjected to high demands: physical effort, overwork at work, intellectual effort (exams), convalescence, weakness, the biochemical parameters of the body are modified. An adaptive plant can help the body maintain its parameters in balance and thus cope with the disturbance instead of suffering from it.

The body will therefore be more efficient, which will be reflected in reduced fatigue and increased energy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission recognize Siberian Ginseng as a tonic that can support and stimulate the body in cases of fatigue and weakness.

Contraindications: Due to its influence on vitality and the energy boost it provides, the plant is not recommended in cases of cardiovascular pathologies. It is also not advised for pregnant women and children under 12 years old.

SIBERIA GINSENG from Phytonika Laboratory.

Having rediscovered the remarkable properties of this plant during trips to Russia, the researchers at Phytonika decided to make it known in France by offering a high-quality extract with an unmatched concentration of fresh roots.

Quality Requirements.

Phytonika Laboratory has chosen to offer an extract from whole, fresh roots directly from Russia where the shrub grows in the wild. The product is developed with our famous cold pressing extraction process (well known for Horsetail Silica), allowing the best extraction of the active principles of the plant without denaturing the product.

Plant Concentration.

Another particularity of Phytonika is to always offer products with a very high plant concentration. This is the case with SIBERIA GINSENG, concentrated at 500 g/l of root extract, i.e., 10g per day, the highest current concentration.

However, the price remains very reasonable, this being possible by eliminating unnecessary intermediaries, we ensure direct sales to the consumer.

Product Presentation and Dosage.

250 ml bottle concentrated at 500 g/l.

Usage: 20 ml per day, i.e., 10 g of roots per day. It is recommended to take only 10 ml for the first two days to allow the body to get used to the plant.

Recommended duration of a course: 2 to 6 bottles depending on the state of fatigue and the importance of the problem to be treated.

Composition: Water, Siberian ginseng extract, vegetable glycerol, sorbic acid, ascorbic acid.

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